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Panel Shaping

At Panel Craft, LLC our goal is to produce the finest hand rolled body sheet metal money can buy!

We feel confident in making this statement for several reasons:

Nothing Left to Chance...

If an original car is not available for measurements and templating, then photographs have to be used to construct a buck made of either wire or wood.

The most common method we employ is wire modeling. Using an overhead projector and transparencies made from photos, a full scale image can be projected onto poster board and cut into templates. These templates are then used to bend wire into individual relief sections. The sections are then assembled on the chassie using stringers that run fore and aft and side to side forming a three dimensional pattern. If the wood method is chosen for the sake of durability and longevity, the bent wire reliefs are simply laid over plywood with the outline traced and cut to form bulkhead sections. When all these pieces are assembled, they form what is sometimes referred to as an "egg crate".

And finally, another method we employ is sculpting. By shaving and sanding large billets of urethane foam, we can mold virtually any shape for use as a pattern. To stabilize the finished model, a layer of fiberglass is applied giving it a surfboard-like quality which will allow it to stand up to some light hammering.

The Right Equipment...

To augment the two wheeling machines in the shop, we have the Kraft former 324 "Piccolo". Additionally, we have accumulated a vast array of tooling which accompany these two hammers. Shrinking, stretching, beading, doming and louvering are cleanly and accurately performed in a fraction of the time required if only traditional hand methods were used.

If the ash frame of your classic car needs attention, we have every tool and piece of equipment on site necessary to implement repairs or re-construction. With this equipment, we feel we are the best equipped small shop in the country.

A Good Pair of Hands...

Without this ingredient, all the other elements are useless. It takes years to develop the skills necessary to perform the task of constructing fine coachwork. At Panel Craft LLC we think our hands are the best in the business!

Photo Galleries

1965 Cobra Re-body
1965 Cobra Re-body Work Progression
1939 Type 165 Delahaye with Fagoni Falachi Coachwork
1939 Type 165 Delahaye with Fagoni Falachi Coachwork


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