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Land Rover

After WWII, the Rover company experienced a "rebirth" with the design of a 4WD center-steer Jeep-like automobile intended to appeal to the masses as a utilitarian tractor-type vehicle with an aluminum body. Early prototypes were built on Jeep chassis. The idea was quickly abandoned, and few remain in existence today.

A collector commissioned Panel Craft to re-create his missing Land Rover. He brought in a restored and period-correct Jeep chassis, along with photos. Stafford relied heavily upon the photos to construct the body. "I stared at pictures with a magnifying glass for hours to get all the details right," he recalls.

Joe wanted to get everything just right, so he adopted a 1940s point of view, paying attention to placement and spacing of rivets and other refinements.

Almost a cube shape, the Land Rover is small enough that all four corners can be viewed at once - meaning that inconsistencies are easy to spot. The biggest challenge Stafford faced was getting the body square and plumb.

Land Rover
Land Rover

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