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Aluminum Welding

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it going to cost?

Because hand-made cars are each unique in their own way, it's impossible to project with any certainty what the final tally will be, even if we have done the same model previously.

How long will it take?

Deadlines lead to shortcuts and shortcuts lead to substandard work. The process of handcrafting automobile bodies from steel or aluminum is one that we are passionate about, so every detail is meticulously executed. This requires patience and persistence to get it right.

Can you make a hood for my Maserati Ghibli or (substitute make and model)?

Yes, but only if we have a buck. A buck is a 3-D template constructed, using either wood or steel, which gives us a hard surface to work on. In almost all cases, the car will need to be sent to us so that the buck can be constructed and, in turn, the pieces can be fitted to the car.

Photo Galleries

1965 Cobra Re-body
1965 Cobra Re-body Work Progression
1939 Type 165 Delahaye with Fagoni Falachi Coachwork
1939 Type 165 Delahaye with Fagoni Falachi Coachwork


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